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GalactiX FAQ

Q.What is the synth technique used in GalactiX?
A. There is some mixture between subtractive, phase distortion and additive

Q. I got some crackling in the upper octaves. Why ?
A. Some of the factory oscillators use aliased type of waveform.
There are four: Saw, Square, Dr.Sin, Noise. Aliased waveforms are known as
producing rich and not harmonic sound spectrum but they could also result in some
strange sound while using and combining them. 
However if you use wav file then your custom-build waveforms will be anti-aliased.

Q. It does not save sounds and resets to default state. 
A. Fixed.

Q. I can't find any GalactiX presets in VST synth rack.
A. Right click running text to chose/change preset.

Q. I made some wave files and I use it as oscillator in GalactiX.
Can I use this oscillators to create new sound preset ?
A. Yes, just put all your wav files into GalactiX folder.
You can send them to me as fxb file together with wav. 

Q. It eats lot of CPU.
A. It is Pentium optimized and you probably have another processor type.
Check our latest updates for AMD optimization. You can also always switch off reverb ( by adjusting its size to zero position) or reduce release amount.

Q. Which sample rates are supported ?
A. 44100 and 48000 are perfect to use with GalactiX. Synth may not functioning properly under higher sample rates.

Q. Which parameters could be controlled via midi ?
A. For now there are few:

          #1  (Modulation) Key-follow cut-off
          #7  (Volume)       Gain (Note volume)
          #72              Release
          #73              Attack
          #91              Chorus 

          Wheel control -  Wheel
however you can control and edit the rest through VST paramenters. Enjoy !


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